If you would really like to discover the beauty of Poland and the magnificence of Lodz, we have prepared a list of 20 things to do for you, not to get bored and experience something new, something extraordinary and something unforgettable :)

  Check the beauty of mirrors at Passage of Rose, Piotrkowska 3 st. and see why people say it is the prettiest yard at Piotrkowska Street.

  Relax in a Botanic Garden breathing slowly and chilling among the beauty of nature.

  Check if the simulation of sea waves at Aquapark Fala is a tiny bit similar to the real one.

  Admire the beauty of Manufaktura from the viewing platform located in the Museum of Factory.

  Go ice-skating! We have a good place to do it near the University - find it!

  Visit Old Cemetery at Ogrodowa Street and try to find some graves from the XIX century.

  Order pierogi in Teremok, at Piotrkowska 36, and try different fillings.

  Gather a group of friends and visit one of the many escape rooms and try to solve the riddle as fast as possible.

  Get a rickshaw and go along Piotrkowska Street, watching the passers-by.

  Buy some fresh fruits that are not popular in your country. You can buy it at Gorniak market.

  Buy a Polish flag at Tytka shop, Piotrkowska 115/119, and ask your friends to sign it as the best souvenir.

  Eat zurek, the soup in the bread, in Manekin, at 6 Sierpnia 1 st. and see what is the difference between eating it from the bread and from the plate.

  Speed up as fast as possible at the toboggan run at Rudzka Gora.

  Rent a bike and get lost for a few hours, admiring the beauty of the 'old' and 'modern' architecture of the city.

  Prepare sandwiches and snacks and organize a barbecue with your friends at Stawy Jana. There are special places for this.

  Buy an old school t-shirt at Pan Tu Nie Stał shop at “OFF Piotrkowska.

  Rent a pedal boat at Arturowek and spend the afternoon at the pond.

  Take a selfie with the statue of Floppy Bear (Miś Uszatek) - a character from the famous Polish stop motion-animated TV series.

  Attend the Street Food Festival at Piotrkowska 217 and try at least 3 different burgers.

  Take part in all Juwenalia concert days and try to get to know as many new people as possible. Juwenalia takes place in June during the end of the semester.


  Attend all ESN-EYE events to discover many more interesting places! :)