Academic Job Fair (AJF) is an annual event aimed at students and graduates of universities and companies looking for young employees. The main objective of the fair is to facilitate contact between the students and the representatives of the companies. AJF takes place in the Expo-Lodz, in the center of Lodz.

Exhibiting employers have the opportunity to find the desired employees and provide them with their offer. Meeting with young people is a great opportunity to get a closer understanding of future employees, their expectations, and ideas. As well as presenting themselves to students and to the academic community, the exhibiting companies can initiate a collaboration with major universities in the region: Lodz University of Technology and the Medical University of Lodz. For students and graduates of all universities in Lodz, the AJF is a great opportunity to meet the employers and the representatives of large companies both local and international. At the AJF visitors, 3 have the chance to make direct contact with recruiters, ask questions, and get answers about the companies. During such meetings and conversations, students and graduates increase their chances of getting a dream job.

AJF Organizers: Lodz University of Technology, the Foundation for Medical University of Lodz, Lodz City Council and Academic Medical University Career Office (ABK UM), Board of European Students of Technology PŁ (BEST PŁ), Lodz University of Technology Career Office (BK PŁ), ESN-EYE Lodz and Scientific Society of Human Resources Management Experience (KNZZL Experience).