In Poland, there are two types of examinations: oral and written ones. The written exam may take the form of a test or a descriptive form. Cheating or speaking is not allowed in the course of a written exam.

Grading system

In addition to the ECTS system, there is also a grading system on a scale from 2 to 5. The lowest failing grade is 2, other grades contribute to the successful completion of the course with 5 being the highest grade. Grades 3.5 and 4.5 are also admissible. A student receives grades for tutorials, laboratories, projects, partial exams, and final examinations.

Below you can find a comparison between the Polish and European grading system:

ECTS mark Polish mark
A 5
B 4.5
C 4
D 3.5
E 3
F/FX 2