Do you ever look at the surrounding world as if through a camera lens? Do you feel that the best moments are the ones that can be captured in a photo? Take part in the Discover Europe contest and show us the world seen with your eyes!

What is Discover Europe?
Organized by Erasmus Student Network, Discover Europe is the biggest European photo contest. It is organized for all young people – enthusiasts and amateurs, anybody who is open-minded and confident in their opinions about the world. All European students will be able to share their vision of the Old Continent, which is the theme of each year’s edition. The most important thing is: to show the uniqueness and diversity of the surrounding world and contemporary Europe. The aim is to establish a multicultural dialogue between students of all nationalities and to support gifted and young photographers.

The contest is divided into three categories:

  • Discover People - various images of the citizens of Europe;
  • Discover Nature - presenting the beauty of Europe's nature and promoting learning, awareness and pursuit of global environmental sustainability;
  • Discover Architecture - capturing unique places, which Europe covers.

The aim of the contest is to encourage the participants to show their vision of Europe, their birthplace and their problems, as well as establish a new community of different nationalities.

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