This year, for the sixth time, Erasmus Student Network Poland organized Discover Europe contest. This edition was a special one, as the Contest is not a Poland-wide Photo Contest any more, but became an Europewide Photo Contest for Students.
The aim of the contest is to look at the Europe and cultural diversity through the eyes of both Polish and foreign students. The contest is a great chance to present our own look at the culture of other countries and it is an opportunity to international experience exchange. What is more, the contest gives an opportunity to develop photographic skills and to share the experiences from our traveling abroad and, of course, to show European diversity-its traditions and customs. Discover Europe is another chance to create an intercultural dialogue, which has been strongly supported by Erasmus Student Network between young people for many years.
There were three categories participants could choose from:
“My discovery-Poland”
“My discovery-Europe”
“Experience Erasmus”
and special sub-category “Discover KPMG” with the motto “powerful employer means powerful perspectives”.
The contest started with local stages organizes in all Polish provinces and one stage in each of all European countries. Interacademic groups of students organized events promoting the contest, exhibitions of received photographs and local finals. They also had chosen best photographs which were qualified to the central stage. At central stage jury that consist of representatives of artistic community selected the best of all photographs awarded at local stages.
Everything ended with the ceremonial Final Gala and exhibition of best photos. The final of the contest took place the 23 May 2009 in Warsaw.
Discover Europe Coordinator 2009:
Syndzyla Lamar