Discover Europe 2010

Do you always take photos when travelling? If you do, you must share them with us!

Discover Europe 2010 is yet another (namely seventh!) opportunity to broaden your horizons through a direct contact with photography. This extraordinary photo contest is meant to select the best pictures showing Poland and other European countries, sent in by the students from all over the Europe! The final stage is to take place in May 2010 in Warsaw.
The contest has a European level, which makes it possible to establish an international connection between the participants, who, by submitting their work, present their own point of view on the variety of cultures throughout the Europe and break the stereotypes. The idea of the competition is based on the possibility to show, through photography, the beauty of Europe, its tradition and customs, as well as on the opportunity to share the experiences of travelling or of taking part in a students’ exchange program. The contest can be also considered an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop your photographic skills by taking part in the Discover Europe School of Photography, available on the website.
This year, there are three unique categories:
Citizen of Europe – showing various images of Europeans
My Europe, my home – presenting picturesque buildings, towns or landscapes in Europe
Surprise me Europe! – showing amusing or intriguing event or happening which happened in Europe
The contest consists of two parts: the local stage and the central stage. Additionally, the photos will also be rated on the Internet, by the users who registered through the form on the website. Everyone will be able, then, to choose his favourite photo, which ultimately may result in the very photo winning the contest!
The local stages are organized in each Polish voivodeship and in every European country. University workgroups are responsible for organizing the promotion of the contest together with an exhibition of the works which have been submitted and they also have to choose the best pictures, which will then be sent to the central stage.
The photographs submitted by the international students will be rated by a jury consisting of international photographers, and the best will proceed to the final stage.
The final stage will determine the winners. A jury made up of academic representatives, students and photographers will gather and select the most impressive pieces of work.
The Grand Final Gala will take place in May 2010 in Warsaw and it will be combined with a formal banquet and a vernissage of the winning photos. The laureates will be awarded great prizes.
You can find out more about the contest on its webpage:

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