Are you a student? 
Can you imagine travelling without your camera by side? 
No? Why don’t you share your experience with us? 

Discover Europe is not any old photography contest. It’s so much more than just a contest. It’s not all about the quality of the photographs. Most of all, we would like to emphasise students’ perception of Europe, its cultural diversity, spellbinding beauty and what is unique about it.
Discover Europe is a pan-Europeancontest. It means more opportunities to savour new places, cultures and attitudes. As we all perceive reality from different points of view, the expression of a specific, individual vision is a paramount for us. No matter if you decide to show us the alluring beauty of your homeland or new observations from all around Europe, be creative and convincive. The jury will undoubtedly appreciate it. 

 Discover Europe 2012 is the 9th edition of the contest and the 9th opportunity to broaden your horizons. The best photos, depicting beauty of various countries are chosen annually from thousands of photographs taken by students from all over the continent. This year, the Final Gala will take place on May 18 in Warsaw.

The contestants compete in three categories:
Citizen of Europe - photographs showing various perceptions of Europeans
My Europe, my Home - breathtaking places and landscapes of Europe
Surprise me, Europe! - photos of funny or intriguing situations