Are you tired of traveling everywhere by foot or using public transport? Do you want to explore the city with your friends in a different way or you simply want to do something that will keep you fit and healthy? We have a solution for you! You can rent an ESNbike for free!

All you have to do is to book it either by mail or by contacting a member of ESN-EYE at the ESNoffice, in front of Aula IFE.

More info:

  • The minimum period of time for which a bicycle may be rented is a week, while the maximum rental time is the entire year.
  • Renting a bicycle is free apart from deposit of 400 PLN which is given back on the day of returning the bike and a person interested will have to participate in the cost of maintenance of the bicycle, which includes periodical service
  •  On renting a bicycle, student is to fill a form including:
    • acceptance of the rental policies,
    • leave of deposit,
    • initial state of the bicycle, evaluated together with the person giving out the bicycle,
    • student’s ID number and their signature. 
    • The return state is examined on the delivery of the bike. It’s vital to remember that the bicycle can be only used by the person who rented it.
  • If you feel the need of prolonging the rent of a bike, it’s not a big problem - just contact members of ESN-EYE

For more information contact us: