Erasmus Forest - 25 000 trees 
for 25th anniversary of Erasmus Programme!


Erasmus Forest is a symbol of all Erasmus students, who have visited Poland during the 25 years of existence of the Erasmus Program in Poland.

On this particular Saturday Erasmus students will, not only spend a day out of the cityenjoying pure polish nature and doing something positive for the environment, but also have the only chance to integrate with the other Erasmus students from Łódź surrounding the bon fire and playing guitar.


Where do idea of Erasmus Forest cames form ?

Erasmus Forest is the one of the SocialErasmus projects. The idea of the project was born in 2008 during the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Erasmus Programme in Poland. It was the time when the all ESN sections in Poland celebrated ten years of getting to know better with different countries, cultures, languages and learning methods, that is all about the Erasmus Programme is.
The first such a Erasmus Forest was planted on 22 of October 2008 in Celestynow close to Warsaw. Polish and foreign students with support of National Forests and National Agency planted together 1000 trees.

Parts of Erasmus Forest programme:

Erasmus Forest consists of 3 stages. The first part is planting trees. The second part are classes from the cycle “Europe in school” running by Erasmus students called: “How is it in your country, that is environmental protection everyday”. And the last one is the publication with National Forests promoting ecologic attitudes among children and teenagers.

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