ESNbikes in not an activity as such, but a long-term project, started all the way back in 2010, of our section, aiming at giving the international students an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle at the smallest cost possible, which is of a crucial importance. We came up with an idea to ask university authorities for a support, so that we can promote sport activity among international students and thanks to their grant, we obtained 20 bikes for our association’s needs.

We have had the bikes renovated, painted in ESN green and added a basket, which includes ESN star, our section’s logo and International Faculty of Engineering’s logo (IFE), which adds a lot to our visibility across campus and beyond.

The rental process is quite easy: we do not take any payment for the rental time, but we ask for 100€ deposit that is given back once the bike is returned. The bikes may be rented either for one semester, the whole academic year or longer (e.g. in case of full time or double degree international students) and anytime (at any point of the academic year). Lately, our city (Lodz), becomes more and more bike friendly and as long as moving through the city is easier with a bike, more and more international students keep looking for healthy and cheap solutions to transport from one point to another. The whole city of Lodz is also being developed in recent years, so bike trips are quite common on weekends (e.g. to see bigger parks, lakes etc.) and the ESNbikes come with a lock, so they may be useful also besides the university time. To implement the bikes into our everyday activities, we also organize bike trips in Summer semester, to show the hidden places of our city.

Zapatillas de baloncesto Nik