Our activities rely on teamwork, where all the members have an equal possibility of gaining new experience and are limited only by their own imagination.

Our main projects are:

  • Social Inclusion - gives the opportunity to the exchange students to help local communities in several ways while at the same time they will gain experience, knowledge, openness and last but not the least love for Europe!

  • Coolture Events - you will have an opportunity to discover the cultural side of our country while watching Polish movies, going to the museums and even visiting local zoos and trust us, there is a lot to discover. 

  • Tandem - you will be able to learn new languages from other Erasmus students and get to know their culture. We are sure that you will want to try food from different countries, so we will prepare culinary events for you as well!

  • Sports & Health - during sports events you will be able to play typical team sports like football, volleyball as well as take part in ice-skating or canoeing and many, many more! Here, we also promote a healthy lifestyle among the students.

  • Party Events - apart from daily activities, we also organize night ones thanks to the cooperation with many clubs in the city. You will take part in many theme parties, so make sure to have a costume.

  • Travel - seeing Lodz is just the beginning, there is so much more to discover. We will show you around hidden places but not only, but also we will take you on trips to other amazing cities which you will never forget.