The biggest sport event of the semester is now available for you!
I hope you already had some sport in the last semester, because that one will require a spirit of a true fighter. This happening can bring you fame and fortune all around the world. Wanna know why?

The whole competition consist of 3 steps:
1. Regional Qualifications in Łódź 17.03.2018
2. National Finals in Warsaw 13-15.04.2018
3. International Finals in Niš, Serbia 17-21.05.2018

There are 3 disciplines to play in – Futsal, Basketball and Volleyball (each team will play all games)

The first step are eliminations in Łódź – among the teams, which will take part in that event, the winning team will have an opportunity to try their skills in the next round in Warsaw, totally for FREE. The stay in Warsaw is paid by us so you don’t have to worry about the money. If you win the competition in Warsaw, you will go to Serbia. Doesn’t it sound like a big adventure?

Now, let’s talk about the requirements:

WHEN: 17 March, 12:00 – 18:00
WHERE: Sports Centre on Wici 45 street
COSTS: 30 PLN per person (you will pay at the event)

TEAMS: In each team must be 12 PEOPLE, consisting of at least 2 GIRLS, who will be truly playing :)
Here is a form for you:

Please fill it as soon as you can. Remember to put all the data and the LEADER of your team will have to be in contact with the event coordinator Daniel Fabjański. In case of any questions just write to him and he will help you for sure!

FOOD: Don't worry about the food and drinks! The buffet in the Sports Centre will be open for you and you can buy there some food. Additionally we will give you some water, snacks and RedBull!

MEETING POINT: The event takes place in Sports Centre on Wici 45 street, but we will help you get there, don’t worry. More information will be given soon.

IMPORTANT: Please, you need to have shoes with non-mark sole! Otherwise you will be not allowed to play! We will write the whole terms of use (but as short as possible) and we will publish it here in the nearest future.

For now, start preparing for the BEST SPORT COMPETITION EVER!

17/03/2018 - 12:00 to 18:00
Wici 45, 91-170 Łódź