On 14.01 all streets are going to be covered with red hearts an there will be crowds - but do not worry, it's normal that day. --

WOŚP is the biggest charitable event in our country. Every year people gather to collect money that is going to be allocated to hospitals. 2018 is about neonatology equipment. This event is different from any other because you help by having fun. Everywhere there will be volunteers that will persuade you to give them money to their tins, for every given zl or gr they will give you a sticker in the shape of a red heart. They are nearly legendary in our country! -- You will not find your peace until you will have this heart on your clothing. --

You have 3 options now:
-You want to stay at home-scroll down and see what you can do
-You want to go with ESN- we gather at 12 p.m. in front of IFE,
-You want to go by yourself- here is a list of attractions that you can check out. --

On Sunday there are going to be many attractions, like :
*On Piotrkowska street- Great Charge, Hudge parade of horses and cars. (2 p.m.)
*Pasaż Schillera- picnic (12-5p.m.)
*W-Z - track for racing and off-road cars
*Manufactura (prepare for many attractions for example):
- Shooting range
- Falcons
- Dogotherapy
- Old fire engine
- Food, a lot of food and drinks
- Reconstructions
- Survival course
- First aid course
- Volunteer fire department
- Cars (racing, off-road, old)
- Marek Kubiczek- the master of off-road
- Blood donation
- Motocycles
- Our University solar vehicle and Mars Rover
- Golden heart- Lodz tradition, we are going to 'draw' a heart by money, the smallest golden one -- ( they give you materials)
- Many, many more, you have to check it. --

If you don't feel like going out, you can still help by:
*Buying or selling anything on our 'eBay' [ http://aukcje.wosp.org.pl/ ]
*Donate any amount of money to their website- [ https://www.wosp.org.pl/ ]
*Buying juice or tea with our famous heart
*Donate on Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/wosp/ ]
*They even accept BitCoins! --
*Buy 'Online Heart' for every 15 zl, one pixel is getting colourful, we hope that on Sunday heart will be full [ https://wspieram.to/wosp ]
*Buy in this shops, % of your money will be given to WOSP [ https://www.wosp.org.pl/fundacja/jak-wspierac-wosp/zakupy-w-internecie ]
*Buy your own WOSP gadget in [ http://siemashop.pl/ ]
*Watch https://playdlawosp.pl/ from 13.01 at 8:30 p.m. for every person that watches it Play is going to pay WOSP

14/01/2018 - 12:00 to 20:00