We are all students - most of us at the International Faculty of Engineering, to which you will probably come to study, therefore you can count on us in all the fields concerning the academic and non-academic stuff.

Organizational meeting

Your first days in Lodz will definitely be quite active.  At first you will have an organizational meeting with ladies from our International Office. During the last weekend of your holidays you will have a chance to attend an amazing IFE newcomers INTEGRATION WEEKEND where you can spend great time meeting other Erasmus and Polish students from your faculty. It's nice to know all the names, talk, dance etc. Then, during the first week of the semester ESN-EYE will organize Welcome Party.

Parties & Events

We – ESN-EYE people- are of course taking care of all parties and more informal events. It's understandable that the TUL office has lots of important businesses to do and so you have us, who will show you the campus, all good clubs, shops, restaurants, pubs, cinemas... Whatever :)


We are strongly supported by the mentors team. One of us (check out who that is in our profiles) is a University coordinator of the Mentor program and Erasmus students. It is the person whom you may contact in any case concerning your stay in Lodz - the e-mail address mentor.eye@esn.pl was established just for you. Anyway, you will be given your own and personal mentor :) He or she will contact you before your arrival and then will be your friend, advisor and whoever you wish ;-) You may be sure that this will be the person with whom you will spend the first few days of your stay in our city. It is always a student of TUL, who knows the city well and is willing to help (they are volunteers :-)).