For Foreign Students

We are extremely happy that you have chosen our University and you want to spend the next few months with us!  :-)
For us it has now been quite a long time that we have been devoting our free time to spend it with international students at TUL. We have spent many years coordinating your arrivals and mentor program, so you may be sure that you won't be left alone in Lodz.
We are a team of crazy and good friends, who are united in one, fantastic and very cheerful organization - a section of Erasmus Student Network. You may check on our website what are all the projects that we are involved in, but  I guess that you will be most interested in what concerns your arrival and stay in Lodz.
However, we are involved not only in Erasmus, but also in Campus Europae program. It is our aim to promote both these programs also among our Polish students, so we want to integrate you well into our University community.

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