As all other countries, Poland has several laws which you must respect. We want to get you familiar with them in order to avoid misunderstandings and fines.

1. Always take your ID with you - you never know when you can need it. If you are scared of losing it, better take the Student card - it is useful for most of the discounts and you can check your personal data if you need to.

2. Always have a valid ticket while using public transport - it is quite common that ticket inspectors appear to check if you have a valid ticket with you. Remember that a fine for not having it is 290 PLN.

3. Do not drink alcohol in public places - you are not allowed to sit in a park and drink or go along the street with a beer, but it is fine to drink alcohol in bars or pubs sitting outside at their seats.

4. Do not cross the street when a red light is visible - yes, we are aware that in some countries pedestrians can cross the street wherever and whenever they want, but here you need to wait for the green light - otherwise, you may get a fine. Try also to cross the street on pedestrian crossings only.

5. Do not smoke in the area of the bus stops, bars, and discos - in some places, smoking is prohibited: for example, in clubs and pubs it is forbidden to smoke, but in most of them, there are specific areas, where you can do it. Bus and tram stops are places where you’ll have to restrain yourself. Keep in mind that you are also not allowed to smoke inside the dorms.

6. Do not swear in public - we realize that once you learn some bad Polish words, you feel like a real Polish, but it isn't seen well to listen to nasty words all the time. Try to watch your mouth. Also with English and your home language.

7. Do not behave noisily after 10 p.m. - Polish people go to bed early usually because they wake up early to start their work or classes. Respect the night hours and try to be quiet especially from 12 p.m. until 6 a.m.