ESN-EYE was originally founded as European Youth Exchange Poland (EYE Poland) on May 31st in 1999 as a part of the broader structure - EYE Network which had its sections all over Europe. We were and still are a non-profit and apolitical organization that is working at the Lodz University of Technology (TUL). 

During our activity as a part of EYE Network, we organized a lot of events whose main goal was to increase European identity, promote the Erasmus Programme, and help Erasmus students while studying at TUL. 

Not only were we participating in EYE Network projects, but also we were taking opportunities to organize our own events. These events were mainly made to help Polish students to find work after graduation and also to help first-year students to integrate with one another.

EYE Poland was the first to organize the "Employment for Youth Event" in 2004, which later turned into "Academic Job Fairs" (Akademickie Targi Pracy) that now are popular among all people studying in Lodz and the biggest Polish enterprises.
Unfortunately, after a few years, EYE Network fell apart and EYE Poland's work in this international structure was stopped. However, we did not give up and still were working to help Erasmus and Polish students, through organizing many conferences, training, and workshops.

In 2007 EYE Poland made efforts to become a part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) - an organization whose mission and activities were very similar to ours. These efforts bore fruits on October 21st - EYE Poland became one of ESN sections working at the biggest European universities.

Participation in ESN gives us many opportunities to develop ourselves, acquire new experiences, and broaden our knowledge about working as a part of a huge organization.