฿ 2,800

After launching the first productAIR MAX 97 " THOSSAKAN "of 24Kraftlab project came out. This time, it is possible to release the mask "THOSSAKAN EP.1 PYTHON MASK" made to order.



- The mask is designed to curve to the face.

- Materials made from muslin and snake skin Lined with microfiber fabric for a soft touch.

- On the snake side, there is a hand-sewn stitching in the shape of the top of the mouth. And there is an oral cavity piercing for better ventilation But the real snake skin is leather that can ventilate already

- Giant fangs are gimmicks sewn from the mask

- Black side fabric embroidered with the logo "24 Kilates"

- The straps can be adjusted to fit each face


5-7 working days

Brand: 24KraftLab

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