• virTUL - the central Internet platform which gives access to all electronic services of Lodz University of Technology. The access to these services is gained through so-called central logging – the login password is the same for electronic services available in TUL, among others: WIKAMP Platform, email system, and WebDziekanat. For all of the above services, the login number is the student’s registration number provided on the student ID. In order to receive the access login to the aforementioned services, students should apply with a valid ID card in a building of the TUL Library at ul. Wólczanska 223 (building B22) office no. 203, 2nd floor.
  • WIKAMP - the platform supporting e-learning at Lodz University of Technology. For some subjects, it is obligatory to join the e-learning platform provided by teachers in first classes.
  • Webdziekanat - the website providing access to all necessary information related to the student’s course of study, among others, class schedules, tuition fees, grades, deadlines, and application forms.