Lodz University of Technology Campus

You may use all of these:

  • canteen (you may be sure that you will meet there some of our international students at any time). The full meal (soup with second course - some meat with potatoes or pasta, or rise... etc.) costs 10zl.
  • library - you may find there large collection of books in English
  • buffet at each faculty, where you can have a tea or coffee, piece of cake or a hamburger. At some faculties (like Biotechnology or a "Lodex" building) there are also full meals available.
  • free WiFi at almost all faculties and library
  • photocopy and printing services (prices vary, but generally copying one page should not be more than 0,15 zl - sometimes even 0,08 zl. It's important, when copying huge amounts of lecture notes :))
  • lots of pubs next to the Uni, where you can have a beer or play billiards during the break between the classes, or meet there in the evening - they are just in a three minute walk from any dorm.