Mobility Week

The Mobility Week aims not only to encourage students, but also academic staff (professors and office workers) to go on Erasmus. The event consists of a set of events throughout a week (with a follow-up workshops in January and February, just before the final phase of recruitment for the studies abroad), organized in cooperation with different units of the university.

The week opened with a press briefing with the University’s authorities, after which the Mobility Leader Awards were given to the faculties with best results in both sending and receiving students for studies and internships. Later, the University’s staff had an opportunity to share their experience during the contest “My Erasmus+ in 3 minutes”. The participants’ creativity was really surprising - we could watch a movie, listen to a poem and the winner decided to even sing his own song about Erasmus. The main prize, funded by the university, was a one-week mobility to a chosen Erasmus+ country.

The following days brought a lot of positive emotions, especially during Talent Show. The main idea was to show that despite cultural differences, we are all alike, with similar talents and especially when it comes to the art, we are all equal. Participants presented themselves in dancing, singing, painting or even solving Rubik’s cube - there were no limitations in the category. Additionally, we were honoured to have our vice-rector as a guest and part of the jury.

During the whole week, at every faculty the informational meetings, obligatory for 2nd year students, took place, where they could learn what are the general rules of Erasmus+ exchange, what are the main benefits and get their questions answered by the International Office members and former exchange students. Along with the presentations, there were also stands where students could clarify their doubts, get some information about specific destinations they were interested in and win some gadgets in small contests.