Public transport in Lodz is divided into trams and buses. The public transport is operated by MPK Lodz and it is definitely the cheapest way of moving around the city.

It is strongly recommended that you buy your tickets beforehand in numerous 'kiosks' around the city and at the train or bus station.

Additionally, you can purchase your ticket also on a bus/tram but mostly using a credit/debit card (there are only a few machines allowing cash payments). There are also some vending machines at the most popular stops, where you can pay both: card or cash.

To make it easier to move around the city and check the schedules, check out websites:


One ticket allows you to change the vehicle an unlimited number of times within the ticket time (waiting time at the bus stop also counts, so be careful if you have a "short" ticket and a long connection!).

Current ticket prices for the inner city:

  • up to 20 min. regular ticket 4.40 PLN / reduced ticket 2.20 PLN
  • up to 40 min. regular ticket 5.60 PLN / reduced ticket 2.80 PLN

Important information. Due to some traffic issues, the validity time of the above tickets is extended by 20 minutes. It means that “20 min. ticket” is valid for 40 min. and “40 min. ticket” is valid for 60 min.

You can use reduced tickets ONLY:

  • if you have a valid Polish student card (student ID) or a valid international student card ISIC with you,
  • and you are under 26 years old.

There is also a possibility of getting a

The descriptions on the bus and tram stops are in Polish only, but they should be easy to follow. Please remember to validate your ticket in an automated ticket stamping machine immediately after you enter a bus or a tram, it should be the first thing you do!

Tickets can be purchased in the machines inside each bus and tram (Biletomat) and at some stations or simply in the tobacco shops.
You can also use the mobile application moBilet (available in English) - it works in many cities in Poland so it can be useful also during your trips.


Another alternative for ticket purchase is the above-mentioned application Jakdojade where you can both buy tickets for public transport, as well as check the current schedules.


Sometimes a ticket inspector may ask to see your validated ticket. You can get a fine for:

  1. not having a validated ticket
  2. exceeding the time
  3. not having a student card with you, while using a reduced ticket

The fine is always about 440 PLN unless you pay within 7 days - then it's about 220 PLN.
As you can see, compared to the fines, tickets are not so expensive. Isn't it better to pay 3 PLN instead of 440? ;-)