Student card – the official card for all the students in Poland. Each student gets a student card, which allows him/her to get discounts on public transport (trams, buses, metro, trains), cinemas, theatres, museums, etc. The discount is valid only for students under 26 years old (except in Lodz public transport where the discount is for ALL students). It is advised to always have the student card with you, in order to avoid misunderstandings and being able to use student discounts in all possible places. Better ask about them before you pay any entrance or buy any tickets. You will get your student card within 3 weeks from the beginning of the academic year. Until that time, we cannot do anything and you have to buy normal tickets for public transport. Otherwise, you can get a fine, because a student card is the only proof that you are a student in Poland. 

ISIC card – the list of discounts offered by ISIC card can be found on their official website.

Euro 26 – not official for the discounts in Poland, so you can’t get discounts for public transport, but works for discounts mentioned on Euro26 website.

ESNcard – the same situation: not official, but anyway we recommend buying this in our EYE room at the university, as it provides you with discounts in bars/pubs/restaurants. You can check the list of discounts here.


Remember – student discounts are available only for people until 26 y.o. So even if you are the owner of the Student card mentioned above, but you are older, you do not get the discounts (except for public transport in Lodz).