Tandem is a project focused on promoting language learning. We enable students to develop their linguistic skills and encourage them to learn about other cultures and traditions. We promote tolerance and show Poles how valuable it is to spend time in an international environment.

We come out with the initiative not only for students of the Lodz University of Technology, but also encourage students from primary and secondary schools to see how many possibilities are learning foreign languages.

Within this project, we organize events such as:

  • Tandem meetings - at the beginning of each semester, we open registration for Polish and foreign students who can choose the language they would like to learn. Then we match the students in pairs and organize meetings for them, thanks to which they can learn foreign languages from each other. During the meetings, integration games are also organized, such as puns or language mash-up
  • Thematic months - to familiarize students with foreign traditions, each month is marked by a different country. This makes it easy to learn about other cultures in a fun way. We started the 2019 summer semester with the French month in March, during which we organized events such as: ​
    - French Dinner (cooking traditional French dishes)​​
    - French Cafe (conversations about France, travels and interesting facts about this country)
    - French Evening (watching a French movie with English subtitles together).
  • Presentation about Poland - when foreign students come to our country for the first time, they are not fully aware of the legal regulations, they do not know where to buy basic home products and how public transport works. In response to their questions, we took the initiative to create the presentation "Survive in Poland", during which we talk about the most important information for them and show our favorite places both for sightseeing and for a coffee, and additionally we present traditional folk costumes and dances.
  • Erasmus in Schools - in order to promote the culture and traditions of different countries, our foreign students take part in lessons in primary schools, highschools and technical schools. During their presentations, they talk about the countries they come from and conduct workshops where they play instruments or teach Polish students their habits, e.g. eating with chopsticks.

More info: tandem.eye@esn.pl