Private companies/apps

Nowadays, there are a lot of cheap alternatives to taxies, where you can check the price before ordering your car. There are private companies, such as Uber or Bolt. You can also use an app called Free Now, where you can order an official taxi (however, it works like Uber and Bolt, so you know how much you will pay before the ride).


Regular taxies

However, if you decide to just call a regular taxi, there are several taxi companies in Lodz. Find the most suitable for you. There is no big difference in prices, but keep in mind that night journeys will be a bit more expensive. The initial fee should be between 5 and 8 PLN. 

Rydwany Miasta
+48 512 50 40 30 
Payment: cash / card

Green Cab Taxi
+48 664 608 608
+48 42 666 44 44
Payment: cash / card

Taxi Plus
+48 800 500 500
+48 42 6 500 500
Payment: cash / card

Tele Taxi
+48 800 400 400
Payment: cash / card