The project was focused on approaching the locals and students community the idea of “zero-waste” and “being eco-friendly”. During two weeks of the events we presented to students how to introduce “reusable thinking” and eco-friendly habits into everyday life.
We passed them our knowledge and ideas through various workshop such as:
- Plant Based Cooking
- Alternative Cooking (zero waste) 
- Your Eco Bag & Remake Your Clothes 
- Homemade Beauty Products & Gifts
- Internship Opportunities (about finding the internships in companies focused on ecology)
Moreover, we held the online promotion of search engine, Ecosia, which enables planting the trees for free all over the world. 
Students could also check their carbon footprint and get to know how crucial impact on environment the consumption of various types of meat has.
Furthermore, we tried to draw students attention on maintenance of environmental balance during the lecture about textile industry and water usage.