Hi guys!

SociaLOVE strikes again! This time we have for you something that unique that you haven't heard of this in our whole life.

This time you are escaping our university!
Main topic: Hangover.
We have a place for 6 teams, max number of participants in one team is 5.
Every team has 30 minutes to go out but to make it harder- we have an additional task for you.
This escape room is created to educate people and prepares you for natural disaster <this time it is very strong storm/hurricane> so you have to prepare the room for this during your escape.
All steps what to do are going to be placed in the room, so do not worry- you do not have to prepare. :)

Price: dizzying 5zł per person!
All money goes to UNICEF. <3
Where: IFE.
When: 15/04 (Sunday)

1. 16:00
2. 16:45
3. 17:30
4. 18:15
5. 19:00
6. 19:45

First come, first served!
Deadline on signing in is 12/04, then we will send you information about our entry hour.
The fastest team will be announced on EYE fanpage. ;)

May the odds be ever in your favour. :)

15/04/2018 - 16:00 to 20:30