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Komnata tajemnic ujawnia swoje kolejne oblicze.
Ta najbardziej skandaliczna impreza w mieście tworzy nowe legendy, a Ty bądź ich częścią.

-- 28/04/18

-- Abracadabra da Club
-- Lordi's The Best Sound Club
-- FooFoo ViP Lounge Bar
-- Królicza Nora

-- start 22:01

-- DJ Seli (black session)
-- BEN (all night/Lordi's stage)
-- DJ Swdee (królicza nora)
-- Martinez (Foo Foo Vip lounge bar)

-- 10 PLN
-- 20 PLN
New party series which will stimulate all of your senses.
This won’t be an usual event, therefore all of you who will pass the Chamber of the Secrets will have an opportunity to see how far the rabbit hole goes.
That is the beginning of the new tale which opens the next stage of our club.
Expect something unexpected.

Before entering the Chamber of the Secrets, please contact with a doctor or pharmacist

28/04/2018 - 22:00 to 29/04/2018 - 06:00
Lordi's Club