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Kraków – a city wrapped in legend, where time flows differently, and where every moment becomes a moment of history.
For centuries Kraków was the capital of Poland, the seat of kings, drawing great scholars and artists from the whole world. For many people, thanks to its rich history, Kraków represents a synthesis of all Polish things – connecting tradition with modernity.

Are you ready for 3 days full of attractions? We are ready to make these days an unforgettable experience for you!

-- // Date:
23-25.03.2018 (Friday-Sunday)

-- // The price includes:

✔ Meals:
- 2 breakfasts at the hostel
- 1 lunch at Wieliczka Salt Mine

✔ Accommodation:
2 nights in a hostel

✔ Transportation:
Private coach that will take you straight to Kraków, Wieliczka and Auschwitz

✔ Sightseeing and entrance tickets:
- guided tour in Wieliczka Salt Mine, where you can choose between:
* Tourist Route: https://tinyurl.com/wieliczka-tourist-route
* Miners’ Route: https://tinyurl.com/wieliczka-miners-route
- guided tour in Auschwitz
- guided tour around Kazimierz, the old jewish district
- guided tour at the old market
- guided tour at Wawel castle

✔ Parties:
Two of them, with Erasmus students from Kraków!

-- // Number of participants:
LIMITED! So don't hesitate and sign up – fill the form and pay as soon as possible. First comes, first served!

-- // Price:
400 PLN (with ESNcard)
415 PLN (without ESNcard)


Later we will send you all of the info to your e-mail!

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See you soon!

ESN-EYE team

23/03/2018 - 04:00 to 25/03/2018 - 20:00