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Zamość is an outstanding example of an innovative approach to town planning, combining the functions of an urban ensemble, a residence, and a fortress in accordance with a consistently implemented Renaissance concept. This town is a unique example of a Renaissance town in Central Europe, consistently designed and built in accordance with the Italian theories of the "ideal town”.
The historical centre of Zamość was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992

Lublin is the ninth largest city in Poland and it is the largest city in eastern Poland and serves as an important regional cultural capital. By some tourists it can be called "a little Krakow", and this is true by the citizens sharing a number of Lesser Poland traditions, historic architecture and a unique ambiance, especially in the Old Town.
What is more there are 4 public universities in Lublin, which makes it quite a ‘student’s’ city.
It is also said that in Lublin time flies slower <3

Are you ready for 3 days full of attractions? We are ready to make these days an unforgettable experience for you!

-- // Date:
16-18.11.2018 (Friday-Sunday)

-- // The price includes:

✔ Meals:
- 2 breakfasts next to the hostel
- 1 late lunch on Saturday afternoon

✔ Accommodation:
- 2 nights in a hostel

✔ Transportation:
Private coach that will take you straight to Lublin and Zamość

✔ Sightseeing and entrance tickets:
- tour at Lublin ‘guided’ by us (we will try as hard as we can to be the best temporary guides ever!)
- guided tour at Zamość
- tour at Bastion

- guided tour at ‘Perła’ brewery

✔ Parties:
- integration games
- Pub Crawl at Lublin
- two parties in clubs, with Erasmus students and ESNers from Lublin! During our trip an ESN event called ‘UPGRADE’ is being held in Lublin, so there will be A LOT of people to party with :)

-- // Number of participants:
LIMITED! So don't hesitate and sign up – fill the form and pay as soon as possible. First comes, first served!

-- // Price:
320 PLN with ESNcard
340 PLN without ESNcard


Later we will send you all of the info to your e-mail!

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