International Faculty of Engineering, established in 1992, is a unit of the Technical University of Lodz offering Bachelor  of Science programmes taught in English and in French.

Programmes in English
• Mechanical Engineering and Applied Computer Science (4 years)
• Business and Technology (4 years)
• Telecommunications and Computer Science (3.5 years)
• Computer Science (3.5 years)
• Information Technology (3.5 years)
• Biotechnology (3.5 years)
• Biomedical Engineering (3.5 years)
• Architecture Engineering (3.5 years)
• Science and Technology (3.5 years)
Programme in French
• Gestion et technologie (4 years)

All IFE programmes include fundamental concepts and principles of science, general and specialised technical subjects as well as courses in management and organisation.

Within the framework of its programmes IFE also offers:
- a mobility semester, under which all third-year students, approximately 150 students each year, study at over sixty universities in 15 countries under the LLP scheme.
- European Project Semester, under which international student teams work on interdisciplinary projects, selected to match their specialities and capabilities as well as to develop their intercultural communication and teamwork skills. The language of communication is English.
- Problem Based Learning – small (9 ECTS) team projects specific for particular study programmes.

At present there are over 1000 students at the faculty. Courses are taught by academics representing various TUL faculties and by visiting professors.

The main objective of the faculty is to educate professional engineers and managers, fluent in foreign languages and able to demonstrate their knowledge in science, engineering technology and business. Achieving this goal has been confirmed by the employment rate of the IFE graduates, which is one of the highest among the graduates of technical universities in Poland.


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